About us

Q8Marine is a Q8Oils brand. Q8 Marine Lubricants are developed, manufactured and marketed in Italy and abroad by Conqord Oil Srl. In particular, Conqord Oil has a long history in the project and production of specialty lubricants dedicated to Automotive and Industrial applications. The laboratories play a constant research, development and updating role in formulations to offer always the highest applicational and performance standards and meet any new market requirement. The production departments and the supply chain, technologically advanced, is a referring point for the whole Q8Oils Group. Sales Force, Customer Service and Technical Support are constantly geared to meet the requests of customers in all over the world. The Naval dept in particular, saw the light in the middle of last century, It has been developed considerably since the 70s, when the Company entered a large international circuit dedicated to the naval sector. Finally, at the beginning of the new millennium, the naval segment has been widely reinforced with Q8Marine Line, a new series of products developed and supported by the research laboratories and continuously updated according to the latest technologies.