The Q8Marine technicians are able to propose the most suitable solutions in terms of lubricating oil and service.

Regular analysis on in use oil charge can determine the correct drain period and prevent damage to the engine or machinery. Q8 marine analysis service provides fast and reliable results, posted directly to the user’s e-mail. It is a tailored system to monitor all types of oils used on board. Each report contains a complete set of information and also applicable recommendations, if a specific action is required. In the analytical reports they are also shown some aspects in graphic form, with the indication of a minimum and a maximum levels to give an immediate idea of the state of oil charge and machinery.


This phenomenon takes place when the oil molecules are exposed to contact with oxygen for long periods, in particular at high operating temperatures. The oxidation is a very common problem and it can cause early aging of the oil, in addition to the formation of lacquers, paints or carbon deposits.

Total Base Number (TBN)

It provides an indication of the alkaline reserves of an oil to neutralize acid substances generated in the combustion phase. This parameter is particularly important when the fuel contains high sulfur compounds.

Total Acid Number (TAN)

It is a key indicator to define the level of acidity achieved by an oil due to contamination, oxidation or a strong nitration. Often accompanied by an increase in viscosity, TAN is also used to define the optimal replacement interval of the oil charge.


Through the measurement of the viscosity we have an information on aging of an oil, caused by oxidation, nitration, contamination from water or combustion products.


It is an oil degradation parameter through the reaction with nitrogen oxides created during the combustion. It can generate corrosion.


Also the presence of small amounts of water can cause problems in an engine, foam formation, lubricating film breaking, filters clogging with typical sludge. This phenomenon draws attention to the operation of oil purifiers.

Also other parameters are detected, such as the level of some components of the additives, metals wear, etc. which allow to define a complete picture of the lubricant and machine conditions.